Aloe Arborescens, increases energy and vitality by detoxifying and boosting the immune system


metal tin suitable for eating by using the measuring spoon net weight 120 gr.


Marine collagen hydrolyzate of fish (Tilapia), Maltodextrin, Acidifying agent: citric acid, Richberry (mixture of red fruits: Vitis vinifera, Punica granatum, Fragaria vesca, Vaccinium macrocarpum, Rubus idaeus, Vaccinium myrtillus), Aroma berries, Alpha lipoic acid, lemon flavor, sweetener: Sucralose.


The formulation of DRK Collagen acts primarily on the epidermis, making it more firm and supple and improves its appearance. The assumption of marine collagen hydrolyzate derived from fish caught, represents the best integration of collagen in our body that over the years tends to reduce the production of this important element. The synergistic formulation with Alpha Lipoic Acid and Richberry, enrich a component of antioxidant that enhances the anti-aging product.

Components and their functions


Collagen is the essential protein present in white fibers and is a major factor constituent of the skin (approximately 70%), of bones, ligaments and of all connective tissue, plays an important role in the activation of the functions of repair of our body and its deficiency is responsible for fatigue and an extended decline efficiency. Taking Collagen hydrolyzate is a valuable aid to the body that after a certain age begins to reduce the production of this important substance, manifesting symptoms of skin aging and loss of elasticity of the ligaments. The collagen used in this formula is derived from fish caught and is very light and easily digestible.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a compound that plays a key role in cellular energy metabolism of most of the living beings, starting from the bacteria for up to man, possesses some particular characteristics that make it not only remarkably effective as an antioxidant, but also absolutely essential to our body to counter the damage associated with the formation of free radicals. For this reason, its intake in the form of a dietary supplement, can be of great utility to enable these functions vital to the body.


It is a mixture of red fruits (Grapes, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Cranberry, Raspberries and blueberries) with high antioxidant properties. Its main active constituents are the anthocyanins, the proto-anthocyanins, polyphenols, catechins and ellagic acid.

Content of the contribution to recommended daily dose of 2 scoop 10ml 8000mg

Marine collagen - 4000mg
Richberry(mixture of red fruits) - 80mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 0 65mg

Recommendations for use

It is suggested to complete the normal diet with the use of a scoop daily in the evening.


Do not exceed recommended dose.
Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute a varied diet.
The product should be kept out of reach of children under three years of age.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat.